Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics has been available for quite  a while now. Many organizations nowadays communicate with their customers over multiple channels. In order to be able to gain full insight into the valuable information that is locked in your call recordings and all other interactions, Speech Analytics has evolved into Interaction Analytics.

Interaction Analytics

Analyse customer interactions over all channels.

Speech is still the main channel for interactions between an organization and its customers. Despite the growing importance of new channels such as social media, most customers still prefer to pick up the phone when they want to sort something out. For these reasons Speech Analytics is vitally important for gaining insight into what customers really think of your organization. When evaluating the content of customer interactions it is not only important to listen to what your customers are telling you, it is also important to find out what your customers are actually being told. Do your employees follow the outlined processes and are they offering what is best for the customer? Due to the fact that other media are growing steadily and customers nowadays tend to use multiple media for addressing one issue, it is of the utmost importance to be able to structure data on all channels and be able to correlate over the content within all of these channels. A true Interaction Analytics solution offers you a fully integrated platform that combines speech, text, survey and social media.
By using Interaction Analytics you can shorten call duration, reduce repeat-calls, measure outsourcer effectiveness, optimize business processes, improve market knowledge and very importantly, determine compliancy.